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How to create a Vision Board

Create a vision board and realise your dreams

A Vision Board – also known as a Dream or Mood Board – can be either virtual or physical, i,e. images cut out and stuck on a large piece of paper.

The idea is that you look at the images you have chosen to get an insight into your hopes, dreams and aspirations. Often they turn out to be things that you hadn’t realised were important to you, or dreams you had forgotten or put on the back burner.

A vision board allows your imagination to run free with possibilities. Some Vision Board fans believe in the Law of Attraction where, if you believe it, imagine it, or think it, you attract the thing you want.

If you decide to do a virtual vision board there are apps to help you such as the Miro Mood Board. These are usually used for design projects but you can adapt and use them for your vision board.

The purpose of these boards can be varied. They can be used to reflect on a specific business or personal idea, or a broader vision such as which direction you want to steer your life in.

Sometimes it’s good to just reflect on one question in your head and see which images you are drawn to. I personally find it more informative to just pick images that appeal then put them together. It is interesting – and sometimes surprising – to see what your subconscious comes up with. You can then do another vision board focussing on that one aspect.

Don’t overthink the first board otherwise you may find yourself picking pictures you feel you should pick, not the ones that appeal subconsciously as well as consciously.

Creating your board

If you are doing a physical cut-and-paste vision board here are suggestions of how to start:

  1. Get a large piece of paper or card. Bigger is generally better as you will probably have lots of images to stick on it. You don’t want to limit your vision!
  2. Collect as many magazines as you can.
    Cut or tear out any images that appeal to you. I feel at this stage it is best not to overthink what you pick. Just cut lots of images out .
    Collect quotes either from books, poetry or online – anything that resonates with you.
    Include things like photos, stamps, postcards, feathers, shells – anything that captures your imagination.
  3. Cut your pictures into pleasing shapes, as random as you like . 
    Arrange the pictures before you stick them down so you can move things about or edit/remove some stuff.
  4. Stick them down in whatever order or design appeals to you. This arrangement could be based around similar colours or similar topics or your arrangement could be completely random. Whatever makes you happy!
  5. Again, sometimes it is best just to let your subconscious take over as this throws up unexpected wishes, dreams or desires .
    If you are focusing on one subject, eg. a career change, ask yourself questions like:
    ‘Where do I see myself in 3 years?’; ‘Where do I want to see myself in 5 years?’ or ‘What do I want to achieve?’ Are there any particular course /training you would like to do? Have you any goals you want to achieve?
  6. Have fun arranging and sticking ! Recapture the fun you had doing that as a child.


Once you have finished your board, sit and contemplate your creation. Was anything a surprise? Did you show a desire to do a sport you have never tried, go to a country you have never been to? Do you want a career change? Do you want to buy more shoes?!

Nothing is silly or off limits but it may surprise you what you want or wish for.

Ideally put your board somewhere visible so that you can see it regularly and meditate on what it brought up. If you wanted to change career it may remind you to be proactive in moving forward. If it was that dream destination it may encourage you to save up for that holiday . If it was a mulberry handbag it may inspire you to save for that .

It maybe helpful to take a photo of it to remind you of your dreams and aspirations. .
After an interval of maybe 6 months or a year, look at your board again and see if any of your wishes have come true and how many changes you have made.

If you found it helpful and fun, do another one and see how it has changed if at all .

Some people recommend leaving spaces so you can add quotes, photos etc through the year. I personally think that it is a snap shot of that moment in time and it is better to do a new one and compare. I also found I had too many pictures and images and didn’t want to leave any spaces!

Most of all have fun! It is supposed to be fun so don’t agonise over it – just do it. If you don’t like it do another!


Dream Board Fans

Oprah Winfrey
Ellen Degeneres
Katy Perry
Arnold Schwarzenegger 
Reese Witherspoon

Author – Karen Farrant, Love Life over 40

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