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Kindness Ideas for December

Being kind is good for your health, good for your family and good for the world. So if you feel like being that extra bit kind, here’s a bunch of ideas for inspiration – in no particular order. And to make it more fun, why not download our printable Kindness Tree and every time you do an act of kindness, colour in a bauble on the tree. When your Kindness Tree is complete, reward yourself by colouring in the star – because you are one! Kindness Tree Choose your acts of kindness from this list or choose your own:
  1. Remind someone of a kindness they have shown you and thank them again.
  2. Leave a kind review on Facebook for a local business.
  3. Leave the coin in the shopping trolley and give someone a pleasant surprise.
  4. Find a local women’s shelter and see if there’s something you can donate.
  5. For a day monitor what you say through a three filters: is it true? is it necessary? is it kind? What do you discover?
  6. Write down 10 lovely things you would like to do next year.
  7. Call a local care home and see if you can drop off flowers or buns.
  8. Post or drop off greetings/Christmas cards for strangers in your neighborhood.
  9. Go for a morning walk and greet as many people as possible with a smile and a ‘Good morning’.
  10. Do #MeatlessMonday (or a few more days) to be kind to our earth.
  11. Send a message to an old friend and ask how they are doing.
  12. Find a podcast/video about kindness and listen to it.
  13. Message an elderly relative recalling a happy memory you shared together.
  14. Pick up someone else’s rubbish and put it in a bin. #Wombling
  15. Smile at a cashier and wish them a good day.
  16. Offer to help a parent or elderly person struggling with kids/shopping/etc.
  17. Donate the cost of a round of drinks to a charity of your choice.
  18. Spend a day being extra generous with your time, with praise and compliments.
  19. Forgive someone for something and notice how you feel.
  20. Drop a note through an elderly neighbour’s door offering to pick up any groceries on your next shop.
  21. Take time to teach someone how to do something.
  22. Thank someone for their support this year.
  23. Catch yourself in a moment of irritability, breathe, and decide to choose nice.
  24. Tell three people why you are so happy they are in your life.
  25. Research and choose a local charity where you will donate time or £ in 2021.
  26. Bring in/take out a neighbour’s bins.
  27. Out on a walk admire a stranger’s  pet.
  28. Smile at yourself in the mirror and wish yourself love, happiness and kindness.
  29. Send a friend/family a photo of a happy time you were together and thank for the happy memory.
  30. Learn more about providing food for birds in winter at and do your bit for our feathered friends.
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