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Your ‘My 3 Words’ for 2021

Yes, yes… we really are too old for ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ but how about choosing three words to help guide your actions and decisions, and define your year?

I first heard of the idea from digital marketing guru Chris Brogan who in 2006 burst out of that bubble to bring us ‘My 3 Words’ or, #my3words which you will find on Twitter.

How it works:

  • Choose three words that you believe will guide you forward through the coming year.
  • These words will act as your mental traffic light to give you a ‘go’ or ‘stop’ as you proceed and help keep you on track.
  • Brogan recommends using exactly three words otherwise things go wrong, he says.
  • They should be separate words – not a three-word phrase.
  • Write it down somewhere and keep it as your mantra for the year.

What kind of words do people choose?

You can check out Chris Brogan’s collection of #my3words since 2006 here  and although he does explain them, they are quite ‘out there’ and possibly intimidating for a novice three worder.

However, a quick search on Twitter gives you more mainstream ideas:

  • grit, courage, humility
  • humble, helpful, kind
  • aim, go, celebrate
  • reach, shine, connect

Of course these three words should align with who you want to be or what you want to achieve through the year so you may need to go one step back to work that out. In which case, have you heard of vision boards? Check out this article: How to create a vision board


  • intentional, kindness, me-time

Love Life over 40’s #my3words

  • educate, entertain, inspire

Share your three words in the comments below, or on Twitter and tag us @LoveLifeOver40

Note: ‘My 3 Words’ is not to be confused with ‘What 3 Words‘ – a geolocation code

Author: Katie McGregor, Love Life over 40

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